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8th Annual Memorial for Haiti 

Dear Community Family,


Since the earthquake of 7.0 magnitude of January 12, 2010 that devastated Haiti’s capital and surrounding towns and villages, the International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries –IHOM-- has been working to keep hope alive for families affected by this geo-climactic disaster, to see that they’re not forgotten, that the lives lost in that catastrophe are not forgotten, that our country, Haiti, remains in our prayers. 

As it is, Haiti still suffers from the aftershocks of this mega event that destroyed the country’s most prestigious physical institutions. The urban landscape, especially that of the capital of Port-au-Prince, was destroyed and has yet to be repaired. But we can never replace the human capital lost. Think of it, in seconds, on that fateful day, more than 300,000 men, women, infants and elderlies were forever gone.  How do we recuperate from that lost? Certainly, that tragic event has left the leadership of the country in awe and they must ask themselves the challenging question: “How do we ever recuperate from this natural disaster which has left a remarkable impact on the physical environment of the nation’s capital?”

IHOM, the organization I have the honor of representing, has the distinct mission to organize an annual commemorative event to remind all of this enormous, disastrous experience of January 12, 2010; to remind each other that we were all victims at one level or another, and that now our duty is to come together to find common solutions as we move forward.  We need to be on the same frequency as a Nation seeking to make a difference from the indifference which, for so long, has impaired our vision, even blinding us; an indifference which, for so long, has characterized us as procrastinators; an indifference, which, for too long, that has kept us at the back of the bus instead of in front, as a Nation which, by the way, was first to break the chains of slavery and become the second free Republic in the Americas, second only to the United States of America.

Therefore, I am calling on each and every one of you, Haitians and friends of Haiti from everywhere, to convene and unite on the priority issue facing Haiti: “How to come together to develop a strategic plan of action that will lift the glare from our eyes as a Nation and find practical solutions to bring about change from the dark ages of indifference to a renaissance in Haiti.” It can be done! It must be done!

So, my friends, I cast this idea as a challenge to you, to find ways to collaborate with other institutions on how we can lend greater support to current establishments in Haiti; how we can help build structures in myriad of steps for the reconstruction of our country – Haiti!

I thank our Brooklyn Borough President, the Honorable Eric Adams, for his partnership with the Haitian community, who has offered his collaborative services for the success of this event. I thank the members of the Host committee for their continued support to ensure that we successfully deliver on this occasion. I thank the Clergy leaders, the performers, the artists, the presenters, the sponsors, the committed --even the non-committed--, who have contributed to this great community event.

I look forward to continue working with you!

May God Bless us all.

Henri J Desrosiers, NP,


Hurricane Matthew 

Dear Family & Friends,


IHOM, Inc sympathies with our brothers and sisters across the caribbean that have been severely affected by this storm. We understand the struggle especially in the remote areas of places like Haiti and Cuba where less help is likely to reach. IHOM is actively working with other community based organizations and our leaders in the diaspora to organize a unified response to better assist the many affected by this monster hurricane. Your donations help us continue this effort and we will continue to push forward for the needs of the people.


We pray that the spirit of the people are held up until the means and assistance needed arrives to all the regions affected as they regain a full community life.


May God Bless You All.


Henri J Desrosiers, NP,


6th Annual Memorial Service for Haiti's Earthquake Victims

Dear Community Friends,


We are here, the 6th Annual Memorial of Haiti’s Earthquake Victims.  A grim reminder of the terrible natural disaster where in just 35 seconds some 350,000 lives were lost; more than 1.5 million people displaced, some permanently; and many of our historical monuments, buildings and  basic housing accommodations decimated.  As if that were not enough, a surmountable number of casualties paralyzed an already crippled system of governance in Haiti and left the society desolate and in crisis.



Yet, 6 years later -today the 12 of January 2016, we witness the resilience of a people that vow to overcome despite other challenges they face across the world... Dominican Republic, Brazil, Bahamas, Canada and Africa to name a few..


However, we have many reasons today to be grateful and to rejoice.  As we know our people have made great achievements. Dany La Ferriere was inducted into the “l’academie Francaise and Forbes Magazine listed the third Haitian Female, Christine Souffrant; as most progressive entrepreneur in the world today. Two other remarkable individuals are Nedgine Paul and Adeze Jean Pierre. There are many others who are making history in the physical sciences, medicine, sports, education and politics around the world.


Haitians continue to make their contributions around the globe.  We can remarkably appreciate the contributions of Haitians, as representatives of the Nation who cast the vote that allowed Israel to become a State at the UN. More importantly, here in our own backyard, in these United States of America be it from Utah, New Jersey or New York, a group of courageous, smart, culturally and politically savvy young women of Haitian decent are making their marks in politics & law as powerful leaders. We are blessed to have them as role models for our youth and that we have a voice of our community to defend our rights here in the diaspora and abroad. We are proud of their collective achievements and proud of the many more that will come after them.


Let us begin to recognize the significance of our achievements and our mark in history especially during this very difficult environment, still; for blacks. 


Our work is far from over and we must be steadfast in our purpose. As we embark on new frontiers for Haiti,  we call upon YOU, our family, our friends, our colleagues, OUR community to help us continue to move forward. We look to you to help continue the work that must be done. As we grow, Haiti grows. Let us take care of each other with respect and dignity so we can in turn take care of our community and our beloved Pearl- Haiti.  


We cannot forget! We will never forget!!


May God Bless You All.


Henri J Desrosiers, NP,