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5th Annual Interfaith Memorial Service for Haiti's Earthquake Victims-


NEW YORK, NY—On this 5th Anniversary of the earthquakes in Haiti, we remember the 300,000+ men, women, and children who abruptly and tragically lost their lives; and stand with the families of those loved ones that will never be forgotten. And we stand to support the countless survivors that still live in tent camps; vulnerable to disease and facing many obstacles in the aftermath of the devastation.  People have lost their family members, their farms, their homes, their livelihoods and their plight is far from over.  


However, we have not lost hope.  International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries, Inc invites the world community to come together as one with pride and purpose towards progress on Friday, January 9th 2015 at The Church Center for the United Nations at 1pm along with Councilmen Jumaane D. Williams and Dr. Mathieu Eugene in conjunction with The Haitian American Nurses Association and CitiHealth Services in the tireless efforts to provide comfort, hope, and inspiration to the victims and families.  


We cannot forget. IHOM, Inc. hopes that you offer your financial support, to promote the spirit of pride, humanity and essence of life transcended to our youth. The people of Haiti and their friends worldwide are intent on re-building. Therefore, we focus our efforts along with other leaders in the Diaspora to create awareness for the Memorial Project, and move steadfast to muster support and raise funding to build the Memorial Village in Haiti which will break ground in 2015.  The determined citizens (both domestic and abroad) with the aid of benevolent allies, are working to restore this beautiful country to the Pearl D'Antilles as it was known for centuries.


The International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries, Inc is a New York based not-for-profit organization that was formed to organize, mobilize and inspire stakeholders in addressing the economic, social and cultural needs in Haiti as the whole world embarks on diverse avenues of recovery in Haiti's post earthquake era.   IHOM, Inc is focused on facilitating community outreach, care and programming in diaspora that will rebuild hope and confidence in those directly and indirectly affected by the earthquake; as well as on the ground need and rebuilding in Haiti. Much of our work on the ground is in liaise with non-profit organizations that have proven track records over the years, while we are developing new programs for the community needs in the diaspora. Without the donation of our friends and volunteers this event would not be possible. We therefore take the opportunity to invite you to support our organization so that the work we have started, will successfully continue.


For further information on the memorial service or to make a donation to IHOM, please visit our website at http://www.ihominc.org.