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Planting a Tree in Haiti is the perfect way to show you care. Each tree planted helps to reforest Haiti and bring her back to the lush beautiful land we know and love. You can plant a tree to memorialize a family member lost in the devastating earthquakes of 2010 or you can plant a tree as a gift in honor of a loved one who has survived, a birth or any milestone. Whatever your reason for planting a tree, we will be helping to make Haiti whole again. For each order, a beautiful certificate will be mailed to the recipient with your own personal message. Plant a tree now and let’s help reforest Haiti one tree at a time.




This summer Med Students from UT Health in San Antonio, Tx will be participating in a three-week global health trip to a small region in the Dominican Republic called La Romaña. They will be going with a dedicated group of first and second year medical students, as well as physical therapy students, a team known as Project Hispaniola. They will be working in bateyes, or sugar cane plantations. The members of these communities are descendants of Haitian migrant workers, some brought by force, others lured by the promise of work. This population is currently unrecognized as citizens by the Dominican governments, due to this they are not permitted rights awarded to the rest of the population. They are also unrecognized by the Haitian government as they have been in the Dominican Republic for generations, making this population a stateless group – a civil rights violation. These workers live in extreme poverty, sometimes earning as little as $5 a day. The workers spend long hours collecting and selling sugar cane only to go back to small shacks they call home. During their trip, they will host a mobile health clinic, where they will examine and treat over 500 patients and provide supplies such as condoms, sun glasses, hats, and medications.  And partnering with these communities in public health projects, assessing their health needs and outcomes.

IHOM is very excited to support an amazing effort that will recognize these diligent, yet impoverished workers as both Haitian and human. With your help, we can help give them the supplies they need to live healthier and more comfortable lives in a continually harsh environment.

Project Hispañola’s goal is to raise $25,000 for the trip.