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As a member of the International Human Outreach Ministries and a Haitian by birth, I feel great pride to have been involved from the beginning in the preparation of the Interfaith Memorial Service for Haiti. The profound interest demonstrated by all of those who comprised the Task Force in bringing their valuable suggestions and encouragements was very uplifting. All this was done in addition to investing their precious time to make this event a  real success.


Thank you to all elected officials, religious and community leaders not only for your input but also your time and the  great interest shown in the preparation of this memorial service whose primary purpose is to send a message of hope and support to the still grieving families for the loss of their love ones on January 12, 2010 by the devastating earthquake. I need to address a very special thanks to the American people whose great generosity and spontaneous support to our Haitian brothers in time of distress have been so remarkable.  This has been an unforgettable experience.


My wish is that this memorial service be an opportunity for all of us, no matter where we come from, no matter what our position is in life, to remember the fragility of human beings on this earth, and how in a fraction of minute the whole word might collapse on us. Let’s draw from this Interfaith Memorial Service a message of love for one another without regard to color, creeds or status, and commit ourselves to always be readily available to help our fellow human being in difficulty, anywhere, anytime. 


To all those who come to join us in this celebration, we say thank you. To the people of Haiti, to the suffering families, we say do not despair, you are not alone. The whole world shares your grief and is ready to help. Haiti will rise again more beautiful and stronger! 


André Aladin, P.E., Memorial Task Force Member




Nous saluons le courage et la determination  du peuple Haitien; nous renouvellons notre sympathie et notre solidarite a nos freres et soeurs a l'occasion de ce triste anniversaire. Nous continuons notre engagement actif avec les  associations regionales fonctionnant au pays et dans la diaspora pour une Haiti meilleure au niveau economique.


Marie J. Montrose

HHTARG Resource Group




I had the honor of attending the January 11th Memorial service for Haiti at Brooklyn Borough Hall. For all those who have lost loved ones, suffered losses and continue to deal with the afermath of such tragedy, I pray for your healing. For all those who are working tirelessley to ensure the future of Haiti, I pray for your continued strength. For all of the members of the worldwide community who support the relief efforts for Haiti, may you be blessed. 


Lorrie Ayers